Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meet the Authors Part 1.

Meet Sani Felicia


Name/nickname: Sani Felicia Huff
Instagram/Twitter name: @fuh_lee_sha_huff (instagram)
Where do you live?: Ann Arbor, MI
What’s your age?: 23
Hair color?: black/dark brown
Height?: 5'2
Zodiac sign?: Leo
Current obsessions?: pinterest
Bad habits: procrastination and Taco Bell :-(  

Describe your style: My style is inspired by my friends, pinterest, and mall store mannequins.  If I like it I buy it and figure out later how to style it.
Favorite store: Depends on the city I'm in…but I love express!
Hair goals: hip length healthy hair


Favorite body part to workout: ABS!
Current fitness regimen: Work out at least 3-4 times a week
A fitness goal: A flat tummy with at least a 4-pack :-)


Currently eating: as clean as possible
Favorite restaurant: Sweetwater Tavern
Food goals: To alter my favorite recipes into clean recipes

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