Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Meet the Authors Part 2.


Name/nickname: Tee
Instagram/Twitter name: @kingteeuhh (instagram)
Where do you live?: Between Newark, DE and DMV
What’s your age?: 25
Hair color?:  Brown-ish (soon to be lighter)
Height?: 5'2
Zodiac sign?: Virgo
Current obsessions?: Reading
Bad habits: Skipping meals on the weekends

Describe your style: Oddly enough, I think my style in my head is much better than how I actually execute (because in my head my body is flawless lol) it. But I have an affinity for classic pieces with distinction... and accessories! I love accessories.
Favorite store: Not sure that I really have a favorite store
Hair goals: Waist length (healthy) hair, strong(er) edges


Favorite body part to workout: Legs and booty Glutes
Current fitness regimen: At least 4-5 days a week
A fitness goal: Toned arms & tummy, slim waist, and reduced cup size!


Currently eating: Using Herbalife nutrition system coupled with clean eating. Mostly fish for protein.
Favorite restaurant: THE Cheesecake Factory
Food goals: To keep my meals/snacks interesting, to eat consistently, and to have tasty and guilt-free foods

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