Sunday, April 20, 2014

Meal Prep Part 2: Grocery Shopping

Meal Prep Part 2: Grocery Lists and Shopping

As mentioned in part 1, an important step in successful meal prep is making a grocery list and then grocery shopping.  Below I will give an example of how I do my grocery lists and what I bought in my last grocery shopping adventure.

When I make my grocery lists I first decide the following: 2 breakfast and lunch meals, 3 dinner meals, and 3 snack options.  After I decide on what I’m going to eat, I then write down all the ingredients I need that are missing from my pantry.

For example, this is my meal plan for this week.

Oatmeal or Chia Squeeze

Marinated salmon w/ quinoa

Jerk Chicken w/ Black Rice and Peas, plantains and sautéed kale
Turkey Meatloaf w/ quinoa and broccoli  
Singapore noodles w/ chicken and shrimp

Fresh fruit
Dried cranberries and nut mix
Chia Squeeze

I have some of these items already so I didn’t need to buy the staples just some add ons.

Also, I plan to try vegan for 21 days (starting May 1) so I tried to focus on picking up new vegan friendly products to add to my meals.

How do you guys do your grocery shopping for meal prep?

p.s. I will also do a grocery shopping post for my 21 days of vegan.

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