Thursday, May 1, 2014


For the month of May, is having a May Booty Challenge.  This challenge focuses on the glutes/legs and getting a nice butt.  Above is a quick synopsis of all the workouts for each day of the month.  Feel free to break up the exercises into smaller sets so that you can have a greater chance of success.

For instance let's take day 1, you could break down the exercises in this way:
10 jumping jacks
7 squats
5 lunges
(repeat w/ adding an extra squat for the second set)

The rules for the Challenge are as follows:
(1) You must follow @fiercefitfoodie on instagram and  like us on facebook
(2) Post a new picture everyday with you doing the exercises
(3) Tag us in the picture/post using #maybootyFFF
(4) Have fun and enjoy the challenge

At the end we will choose a random winner that participated in the challenge to get a prize.


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