Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review--"flat tummy water"

A few weeks ago I was asked to try this "Flat Tummy Water," and I decided it'd be a great blog post. Many people have taken to infusing their water with a variety of fruits/veggies/spices to give their water flavor and added benefits. For a lot of folks infusing their water makes it more enjoyable to drink. Before I really got used to drinking water regularly, I also tried this method simply to make it easier to drink more water.

I didn't see any information explaining how the combination of these ingredients promotes a flat tummy or how long it needs to be consumed before seeing results but here is what I do know:

- Lemons in water help increase metabolism, i.e fat burning
- Ginger & Mint great for the stomach

Preparing the ingredients
Also, I used the recipe posted as a guide instead of following it exactly. I know I am not a lover of mint or ginger as they are flavors that tend to easily over power others (to me), so I didn't use as much as recommended. I also just purchased two gallon jugs of water rather than measuring out 6 cups--it seemed like an easier more travel friendly approach. I prepared both gallons the same day, so one infused overnight, and the other for two days.

Here are my thoughts:

- I do NOT like things floating in my beverages. I knew this before I tried this water recipe. Also why I do not like juice with pulp.

- I used limes instead of lemons because that is what I had on hand. Not sure if it makes much of a difference

- Mint is not for the faint of heart. I also knew this before I tried this recipe. One of my two bottles was a little heavy handed on the mint.

- Because I really really dislike particles floating in my water, I noticed that I would subconsciously avoid drinking as much water as I normally would. Didn't make it past two days as a result of this.

A few friends on my timeline have shared that this recipe DOES in fact work, however you must use it consistently. Would I recommend this to a friend? Sure. I can't really see a true negative to infusing your water. To me it really comes down to preference. If infusing your water will encourage you to drink more, then it is absolutely worth doing. Would I try this again? Probably not. Unless I infused the water and then strained out the ingredients. And really that just sounds like way too much work especially when I really have no problem drinking plain water (now).

Do you infuse your water? What are your favorite ingredients to infuse with? Have you noticed that your body responds any differently when drinking infused water vs. Plain water? Be sure to comment below and share with a friend!


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