Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heat Free Hair --Initial Review

Hey Beauties!

As you may be able to tell by the title, this post is an initial review all about Heat Free Hair! If you aren't familiar, Heat Free Hair is a line of 100% Virgin Hair (created by DMV stylist Ngozi Opara in 2012) designed specifically to match natural hair textures and curl patterns. The Heat Free Hair Movement is an educational campaign for women seeking the benefits of healthy hair via protective styling. They provide a range of product offerings; wefted hair, clip in extensions, closures, and wigs, in several textures from 3B (elongated S-curls) to 4C (tightly coiled kinky curls): For Kurls, For Koils, For Kinks.

I had been on a search for some curly hair that actually looks like my hair for quite some time now, and although I had heard about Heat Free Hair, I had initially dismissed it due to the price (thumbs down). Luckily, towards the end of December 2014, the company hosted a "12 days of Christmas" sale where each day a different sale was offered toward the purchase of their products--perfect timing. I decided to give it a go. Aside from settling on the lengths I wanted, I had the hardest time figuring out what curl pattern to get. I kept going back and forth between "For Kurls" and "For Koils". Naturally, my hair is pretty curly (and super thick), but I didn't think it was quite as loose as "for koils," and it would require more blending so I selected the "for kurls" collection. And after stalking their instagram account to check out looks/lengths, I finally settled on 2 bundles of 16" "for kurls." My package arrived a few days short of two weeks which seemed to me to be an excellent turnover considering the very high volume of orders the company seemed to be experiencing during this sale period. So thumbs up there.

Here is how the package arrived:

How the package arrived.

Inside the package there was a care card (specific to the collection I purchased) and two satin bags containing each bundle as pictured below: 
Contents of package

Close up of Satin bags containing each bundle.
If you know me you know I'm a stickler for presentation and details, and while the satin bags were a nice (and good for future storage) and different touch to package bundles (instead of those long plastic bags), I feel this hair is entirely too expensive to be in a bag with stickers haphazardly placed and bundle lengths written with a sharpie. I fully acknowledge this has nothing to do with the quality of the hair, but again, for the price... I do expect better presentation...I'm just saying. So thumbs down here.

So what you've anxiously been waiting to see...the Hair!! Ta Daaa! These are pics of how the "for kurls" collection looks. I'm no weave expert, but the few times I've purchased hair they don't always smell the greatest...but this hair...all types of UGHMAZING. Yaaasss hunny. Aside from the ever important smell, the hair was extremely soft and appears to be very high quality. So 3 thumbs up here.

Satin bag, care card, 16" bundle from "For Kurls" Collection.

Finally, there was the care card. Can we have a moment for the slayage (yes I made that up) that this beautiful woman is on the front? Major thumbs up for this photo and the care card itself--very helpful.
Front of Care Card.

Back of care card
On the care card there is tons of information like recommended products, daily maintenance, wash day, and things to remember. Not to mention there is also a Heat Free Hair Youtube channel which has videos walking you through different techniques, styling, and wash day. Again this was a nice touch, very thorough and detailed--thumbs up here.

Overall I have good things to say about Heat Free Hair (other than the packaging and the price) initially.  I'm having my bundles colored to match my current hair color and installed at the end of this week, after which I will be able to share a more comprehensive review and pictures. If you are interested in learning more about Heat Free Hair, you can visit their website here, or follow them on instagram @HeatFreeHair.

Have you tried Heat Free Hair? What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!


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  2. The sticker comment had me laughing out loud! I've been wanting to try that hair but it is quite expensive. I've spent upwards of $1000 for a good weave before but never again. Can't wait to see how this comes out

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