Thursday, January 29, 2015

Manetabolism Results & Update 1/29/15

Hey Beauties!!

I wanted to do the recap on my Manetabolism use/results for a few reasons: 1) I never posted about it at the end of my time frame in 2014, 2) I sort of fell off of using it towards the end of 2014, and 3) I've decided to sort of re-dedicate myself and try again.

If you weren't following FFF last year, you can see my original 2014 Hair Growth Challenge post here.

Right before starting supplements in 2014

As a quick recap, here were my goals while using Manetabolism:
  • Thicker hair--I know. From the pictures I've shared my hair probably appears thick. IT IS. But it used to be thicker (circa 2.5-3 years ago), and I miss it.
  • Stronger Edges/Nape --Not sure what it is lately, but definitely one of my "problem areas." They thrive for a while then break.
  • Length! --Yes I have achieved significant growth in the last 2 years (with no supplements) just by taking care of my hair. However (I want more!), the pace of my growth seems to have tapered off a good deal.

In 2015, I have the same goals.

Now, you are probably wondering, "does Manetabolism work?"
  • Yes it definitely does. And it did for me. HOWEVER (isn't there always a however?), as good as I was taking care of my hair 95% of the time, most of the time I would go to sleep without a headscarf/bonnet (and no I do not have silk pillow cases). I know I know. I broke a sacred afro-texture hair rule. As a result, despite gaining ~2-2 1/2 inches of growth, my hair was breaking at the same damn time. Ugh. So much for progress right? But I learned the hard way I guess. I'm doing better in 2015 though!!
  • I also found myself with THICKER and FULLER hair, which is always a plus!
  • I did also find myself skipping days every now and again (just forgetting to take them), I am not sure how or if this affected my results.

Are there side effects?
  • I remember when I first started using Manetabolism I got light headed once or twice. It is recommended that you drink a lot of water while using those pills and on those instances I was simply dehydrated. Outside of that, I have experienced no side effects. I have heard some women having breakouts when taking in higher levels of biotin (not just with Manetabolism, any similar product with a lot of biotin), but again I did not experience that.
  More important facts
  • Similar to last year, I just got my hair colored and trimmed (1/26/2015)
  • Started Supplements January 19, 2015
  • Again, I love a sale, so I usually purchase when the company has a discount going which is most holidays. (anywhere from 20-40% off)
  • Still drinking a gallon of water a day (not specifically for the supplements, but overall good health)
  • Continued Clean Eating

Hair Regimen (A few changes from last year)
  • Shampoo once a week, deep condition once a week (due to color, moisture retention is key)
  • Limited heat -- I did well with this in 2014. Rarely applied heat (only to straighten every once in a while)
  • Again moisture, moisture, moisture-- Every 2-3 days applying moisture and sealing 
  • Protective styling--simply because I need a break from her! 
  • Consistent edges TLC (JBCO)
More Pictures from 2014 & early 2015:






July 2014 (clean, naked hair)

July 2014

After highlights/straighten/trim 7/2014


Blow out before sew in 11/2014

Flat twistout on blown out hair 12/2014

Curlformer set 12/31/14

Color/Straighten/Trim 1/16/2015

After color/straighten/trim 1/19/15
 Have you used Manetabolism or any other hair growth supplements? Did you see results? Comment Below & Share!

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  1. Manetabolism has worked great for my hair. I started taking it in November, my hair was an inch below my collar bone. Now at the end of January I am an inch above bra strap length. Love this product I recommend it to anyone.

  2. Yayyyy! yes your're results have been amazing!