Friday, April 10, 2015

My Journey through New Orleans -pt 2

So to continue the details of my trip through New Orleans...

While in New Orleans (or Nawlins I like to call it), I didn't just eat the entire time.  I also found time to explore the great city of Nawlins.

Of course since it was so close to Mardi Gras, there were Mardi Gras parades going on in the city.  So we went to see the many parades in the French Quarter.  If you want souvenirs, just go see the parades.  They literally LAUNCH any and everything off the floats.  I was hit with a bag of christmas bows while on the sideline.  So literally any and everything.

I made a trip to the Old New Orleans Rum Distillery to take a tour and get some good ol Nawlins rum that I kept hearing about.  Of course, I yelped the place before I went and it had decent/good reviews and decided it was worth the trip. I ended up leaving with three bottles of rum: the clear, gingeroo, and amber rum.
(I didn't take a picture so I just found a random picture on google.)

I also went to the Louis Armstrong Park which was the starting place of the dog parade.  They were allowing people to adopt dogs for only $67!!! I wanted to leave with a little guy but since I live with my mom that was quickly shot down.

I also went to the cemetery.  This may be odd to some of you, but as I mentioned in the first post I am a big fan of The Originals.  In that show they spend a lot of time in cemeteries in New Orleans.  So I wanted to visit just as an homage to the show. 

So no trip to New Orleans is complete without a trip to good ole BOURBON STREET! 

To end this post.  I definitely will be returning to good ole New Orleans.  It's so much to do in such short amount of time.

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