Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Meal Prep 10/26/15

Hey Guys!

Per usual I shared portions of my meal prep this week on instagram and twitter, but the details are all here. All of the prep this week is still pescatarian, but you could surely use any protein of your choice in place of the fish or seafood. Spoiler alert:: whole fish (including the head/eyes) are pictured below.

Banana & Jamaican Sweet Potato
Breakfast--Baked Salmon Burger with Brown Stew Gravy, Wilted Spinach, and Boiled Banana & Jamaican Sweet Potato

I've included these salmon burgers often enough on these meal prep posts so I didn't even bother taking a picture of them, but they are from Costco. Since boiled banana is even more delicious with some kind of gravy, I poured some of the brown stew gravy from the dinner dish over everything...muy delicioso.

Lunch--Spinach Fettuccine with Sauteed Shrimp, Chopped Spinach, and Arugula Pesto 

Did I ever mention how much I HATE cleaning shrimp? Especially when they claim they've already been deveined...blasphemy.

I still had a taste for pasta, but I used all of the whole grain and brown rice pasta I had on hand. While in TJMAXX one day recently I saw this Spinach Fettuccine, two things I love so I decided to give it a try. If you don't know, TJMAXX, Marshalls, Ross, and Burlington are great places to find uncommon and gourmet food items at a lower price. This pasta is handmade and only takes 3-4 minutes to cook, which is great.

Once the pasta once cooked, I drained it and set it aside. Then in a hot sauce pan I added chopped garlic, peppers, and onions. Once that cooked a bit I added some frozen chopped spinach, followed by the shrimp.

I also ran out of that delicious pesto from Trader Joe's, but luckily I found this Tuscan Arugula Pesto at TJMAXX for the low low. Once I added the pasta back to the pan, I added some pesto, then tossed everything so it would be distributed evenly.

I finished it with some diced tomato, chopped cilantro, and some smoked sea came out really good!

Dinner--Brown Stew Porgy Fish with Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli & Roasted White Sea Bass, & Roasted Grouper

To my knowledge I've never had Porgy fish, but it was on sale at my grocery, so I decided to give it a go. I also had the butcher chop it up into "steaks" which I normally don't do but this was a week for different. I also wanted to try a different way of preparing it (which ended up being perfect for the steak cut) by doing a "brown stew fish." So I cleaned and seasoned it then added to a hot pan with a little olive oil to seal off, then drained on some paper towels. 

In that same pan I sauteed some peppers and onions to build a base for the 'brown stew' sauce. Once that was done I added the fish back into the pan to fish cooking and soak up all that brown stewey goodness. And yes, it was everything.

 I also got some White Sea Bass (because, cheap). I had tried Chilean Sea Bass this summer and it was soooo good, figured this should be good too. I had  the butcher just filet them keeping the head on. We wrapped these in foil and roasted them on the grill. I am going to do some research on this particular fish, but in short I'll say the natural texture of it is very buttery (almost like Chilean Sea Bass but not quite), it sort of melts in your mouth.

What did you meal prep this week? Comment down below. Tag us in  your pics using the hashtag #sundayprepdayfff (doesn't matter which day you prep)!

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