Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meal Prep Part 3: Tips and Tricks

I have found a couple of tips and tricks that I think are helpful when doing meal prep.

  1. 1 pot meals (crockpot/slow cooker)  help cut down on dishes when cleaning after meal prep
  2. Chop/cut vegetables and fruits all at once and freeze extra portions
  3. Find portion friendly containers such as these and these
    to help prevent over eating
  4. For huge recipes, portion out your meals for the week and freeze the extra and label the container
  5. Cooking from scratch saves money in the long run
  6. Keep your pantry stocked with portion containers/bags (i.e sandwich bags, Tupperware, etc)

For healthy recipes I also frequent pinterest and  These two websites I find the most helpful because (1) the most popular recipes will be constantly re-pinned on pinterest and (2) allows users to give feedback on how they adjusted particular recipes.

If you have some tips or tricks to share comment below.

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