Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vegan for 21+ days?

I mentioned in the meal prep post that I would be going vegan for a period of time.  I was first inspired to go vegan by listening to an interview with John Sally.  He also inspired me to do it for 21 days because they say after you do something for 21 days you have made it a habit and you are more likely to stick with it. SN. (Beyonce and Jay Z did it for 21 days as well)

Now I will say that I don't plan to stay a vegan or live a full vegan lifestyle.  My goal is to mix a pescetarian (which I have done for 3+ months) and vegan lifestyle or what i call a "pescegan" lifestyle.  (For those that don't know a pescetarian diet includes only fish and seafood as the sole meat.)

In addition, my vegan diet will not be for 21 straight days because I know there will be 1 day during this period where I will be eating meat (a planned cookout).  However, that will be the one and only day that I will eat meat and it will be for ONE meal (dinner).  So I plan to do a vegan diet for at least 25 days to make up for the 1 day that I will get off track.

I will also periodically post pictures of the food and track how I'm doing on this vegan journey.  If anyone would like to join please contact me and we can start a support group.

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