Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shed Pounds, Not Your Savings

So a big concern of most people when they decide to switch to a healthy lifestyle is the cost.  There is a common misconception that if you live a healthy lifestyle that it will break the bank.  While a healthy lifestyle is definitely more costly, it does not have to break your bank.  Below I will give a couple of tips of how to maintain a healthy menu while still saving money.

  1. Buy in bulk when necessary
So this is my number one way that I save money.  I shop at Costco or other bulk warehouse stores to buy food that won’t spoil very easily or have long expiration date such as (brown/black rice, quinoa, frozen veggies, natural sweeteners, and etc.)  The cost of the product may seem costly up front; however, it is cheaper per serving than buying it at a regular grocery store.  Additionally, most of these items come in resealable bags.

  1. Stock pile
Items that I cannot get a good deal on at bulk stores I stockpile on at grocery stores.  For instance, when all-natural chicken breast goes on sale at my local grocery store (which for me is anything less than $1.99/lb) I buy at least 5lbs.  When I get this meat (depending on the grocer) I try to get it prepackaged into 1lb increments so that I don’t have to repackage the meat once opened.  I usually stock pile meats and seafood when they go on sale since the prices can be unpredictable.

  1. Find a healthy eating buddy
An important factor in helping this process is having a healthy eating buddy.  This helps in two ways (1) motivation and support and (2) splitting the cost.  If you have a healthy eating buddy, you guys can schedule grocery shopping trips to help keep each other accountable and also split items that may be costly.  You could use tips 1 and 2 and split the cost of the food with a buddy in case you are limited on space or if you fear wasting food.

  1. Make a plan and stick with it
Now the most important thing is to make a plan and to stick with it.  I make a grocery list every week and I only buy enough fresh groceries that will last for the week.  In order to avoid food spoilage I decide what fresh foods I will eat and for which meals.  After sitting down and making a plan, you have to stick with it.  Don’t buy groceries then eat out all week.  That’s how you throw away money.  Stay focused and you will save money and get the health benefits.

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