Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#TransformationTuesday -- Tee's Hair Journey

After two major cuts (the first to shoulder length, the second a short cut w/shaved back) in the summer of 2011, I decided I missed my hair and wanted to not only grow it back, but grow it out as long as possible. My hair grows quickest when I just leave it alone--which I typically achieve with braids aka 'protective styling.' I should also add that at this time I had a relaxer (last one was Sept 2011 I believe). Now I will say that I didn't really decide to go natural or anything--I just know my hair--I had a length goal, my hair grows fastest when I leave it alone, and leaving it alone meant I didn't need to spend money on a relaxer. *** I personally have nothing against creamy crack, my hair was healthy with it, and once I reach my length goal I might just decide to go back. **Kanye shrug

June 2011

July 2011

I started with a sew in September 2011, which was achievable despite my brush cut in the nape area.

By the time this style was ready to be taken down, my nape area was long enough to 'catch' for braids and for roughly the next two years I went through a rotation of micro braids, senagalese twists, and sew ins.


These styles served several purposes:
  1. Again, my hair grows best and quickest when left alone and in protective styles
  2. During this time I was in a job at a corporate headquarters with a office politics  'dressy'/no jeans or casual wear type setting
  3. Grow out past that awkward length that isn't exactly long or short
  4. Gym/workout friendly
By March 2013 I was out of this position and was really free to do anything I wanted with my hair so I experimented with Marley Twists, tried box braids (by myself), and other styles with no hair added.
Marley Twists -- May 2013

Twist out - April 2013

By August 2013 my 'curly' length was around my ears. 
This is the in between length I dislike

Then I decided to get color for my birthday, along with a much needed trim, and discovered that my straight length was to my shoulders (*praise dance*) which was longer than my hair was before my first cut in summer 2011. Yay for progress! 
September 2013--Color, Trim, Blow Dry, and Flat Iron

By December 2013 my curly length was good bit longer than August 

Wash N' Go

End of January 2014

And fast forward to early March 2014
Wash/Blow Dry/Flat Iron

and my straight length is even longer!

It's hard to believe it has been two years since I decided to grow my hair out but it has grown so much in that time frame. I am most excited for my 'curly' length to reach shoulder length next!

What are your hair goals and how are you working to achieve them? Comment below and tag us in your journey pics!


  1. omg! how'd you get a weave with your cut? my back isn't shaved off but my stylist said it was too short to catch and I should just get a wig

  2. Hey Tasha!!

    Thanks for your comment! The final style I had was a shoulder length style with bangs. My stylist actually braided up everything on the top and sides and installed the hair like normal and the 'brush cut' portion was essentially covered by the weave. I wore that for about 6-8 until that portion was long enough for braids. Hope that helps!