Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Morning Motivation

Happy Monday!!!--- Is that customary? Most of us hate Mondays, lol. Jokes aside, welcome to a new week. New goals, new to-dos, new (or maybe old) motivation.

 I have to highlight this particular motivation because, well, SHE DID THAT. The slayage was on a level 12.

Now let me say I have been Team Kelly for a few years now. I've always thought she was gorgeous (with such pretty skin) and have really enjoyed watching her come into her own in the last couple years. Kelly has been on my motivation (no pun intended) list for two reasons:

Bought this DVD just because of how Kelly looks!

  1. Fitness-- Although she has a slimmer frame than I am used to or want for myself, she looks fab! She is toned while still looking feminine, and just over all looks fantabulously fit. Can I just also mention that I love how tasteful her plastic surgery is?!
  2. Style--As I mentioned before, she has really come into her own style wise in the last couple years and we have seen her slay many a red carpet/award show recently. Giving life. You better werk Kelly. *two snaps*

Thanks Kelly for providing some much needed motivation for this week! Out here giving life!

Who is your Monday Motivation?? Comment below and tag us on IG: @FierceFitFoodie with the hashtag #MondayMotivationFFF with your motivation!

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