Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Motivation- Getting the Job Done

Happy Memorial day! I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful holiday and taking full advantage of your day off (if you are so fortunate).

As we enter the last week of May I wanted to give some encouraging words on how to complete things that you started. (Especially since it's the last week of the May we all have BOOTY Challenge.) Here are a couple of steps to make sure that you complete the goals and challenges that you set for yourself.

1. Set an Attainable Goal
Sometimes we have a tendency to set goals that aren't realistic.  For instance, you wouldn't have a goal of losing 20lbs in one week.  Your goal may be to lose 20 lbs but you need to adjust the time frame.  You could break this up into 2lbs a week and therefore give yourself small victories along the way of reaching your 20 lbs.

2. Give yourself a punishment
When we set goals and we don't reach them it's usually no big deal.  If we make ourselves accountable by creating a punishment if we don't complete the task we are more apt to complete the goal.  A punishment helps to keep yourself in line and help to see how cheating or curving your goals only hurts you in the long run.

3. Rewards
The most important thing is to set a reward for yourself.  If your goal is to lose weight maybe your reward will be fitting into those pants that are 2 sizes too small.  If your goal is to save money, your reward could be trying to find something you love to do for a more affordable price (i.e groupons, living social deals)

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