Friday, June 13, 2014

Tutorial- Eyebrow Perfection

If you guys have the same problem as I do, lack of eyebrows, then you might like this post.  I will show you guys how I fill in my eyebrows in my make up routine.  Over the years I have combined all my favorite techniques from multiple youtube gurus until I finally landed on a routine that I liked.

Step 1: Primer
My eyebrows always look better when I make sure that I use face primer before I begin.  I prefer to use L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base.

Step 2: Outline the shape

My eyebrows are very thin and lack definite shape.  I tend to have to give them the shape that I want.  I do this by using an eyebrow pencil to follow the eyebrow that has the most shape to it.  I then try to mimic that on the other side.  Sidenote: You can always tweeze out stray hairs in your way.  I tend not to do that because I'm hoping they will fill in one day (wishful thinking).  I just color over the stray hairs as if they aren't there.

Step 3: Highlight

Add a highlight (usually a lighter foundation or concealer) around the bottom shape of the eyebrow.  Some do the top as well; however, I feel it takes away from the natural look.  It can either tend to give your the freshly waxed look or i just stenciled my eyebrows on look. But go with what you like

Step 4: Fill in the Brows

I usually fill in my eyebrows in three steps. I use the pencil I outlined the shape with to do a rough fill.  I then use a different shade brown to help patch up any gaps or holes in the first shade.  Then I take some eyebrow gel over the eyebrow lightly to help bring it altogether.

Step 5: Blend

Blend in the highlight line that you just created down into your eyelid.  This helps it to not look so harsh and drawn on.  It helps it look more realistic.
Step 6: Clean up

I then clean up my work by going over and under the eyebrow with my foundation lightly.  This helps to blur the highlight line that you created.

There you have it...That's my final product that I'm satisfied with.  Tell me what you do to get your perfect eyebrows...I've posted some of my favorite pics of my eyebrows over the years...I have zoomed in on some of the pics where it may not have been clear to see the eyebrows otherwise.

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