Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meal Prep:: Week of 6/8/15

Hey Yall!!

I've been terrible with these meal prep posts (despite taking the pictures every week), but I am trying to do better, lol. I am going to be less detailed with them going forward, because seriously I basically eat the same damn thing every week. However if you have any questions about something I made or how I made it just leave me a comment down below and I will (likely) make another post to address it if needed.

This week I decided to go back to my trusty ole' chicken and fish...and my ole' faithful (pretty much the only vegetable I like), broccoli.

Like usual, I used chicken from Nature's Promise, two packs of drumsticks, because drugs are scary. This brand will trend more expensive than your average strung out chicken, but I find that it goes on sale frequently.

 After cleaning and seasoning, I put them in the fridge for a few hours until I was ready to cook them.
I baked everything in the oven this week, which is admittedly much less interesting than grilling flavor wise but I digress.

For dinner for the week I made salmon...surprise surprise. I only buy fish that is wild caught. No farmed raised over here bih. Seriously. However this salmon also came from China which my mother wasn't to happy about but you cant win em all. I also let the salmon marinate for a few hours before putting in the oven.

I need to do a "Trader Joe's Favorites" because I have discovered some "I must never run out of this ever" type of products from there in the last month. These fire roasted bell peppers and onions are one of them. You may be thinking "oh that's no big deal" but um....yes they are. The flavor difference (between just cutting your onion fresh peppers and onions) is super noticeable and i laaaahhhhve it. I used the last of my bag (must...buy...more) to make my broccoli. I used maybe a pound or a pound and a half of fresh broccoli and one bag of frozen steamables broccoli in a sautee pan with some coconut oil and garlic. This is a great dish to make if you're pressed for time. This is my side for the week for both lunch and dinner.

Finished Broccoli

I just realized these meals are all out of order. Charge it to my head. For breakfast I made my usual egg white muffins, with the newly discovered spicy mango chicken sausage (which just might be GOAT). I started adding some fresh chopped kale in these which I love, not because it makes them taste any better, but because its just another quick way to sneak some green leafy veggies in your diet (esp if you aren't big on eating them). I usually char the sausage on the grill before chopping and adding to my egg whites, but since I didn't use the grill this week I just threw the sausage in the oven for about 20 first. An FYI if you are going to try making these, the more ingredients you use, the more egg whites you'll need. Before I started adding meat and leafy veggies I used to use 8 whites which yielded about 6 muffins. Now I use at least 10 for the same ~6 muffins. I also tend to under pour them a bit to allow room for them to grow when there are more ingredients. The fats from meat (i suspect) will also cause them to stick to the pan a bit more so make sure you use a non stick spray prior to pouring and let them cool before removing.

I also made the chickenless chicken tenders (that I make every week) from Trader Joe's as well as the cilantro chicken wontons (also from Trader Joe's) as morning and afternoon snacks, I just forgot to take pics of them. But they really aren't that interesting lol. You can see them in the group pic though.

What did you meal prep this week? Comment down below. Tag us in  your pics using the hashtag #sundayprepdayfff (doesn't matter which day you prep)!

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