Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Meal Prep | Week of 6/15/15

Hey Guys!!

Back with another meal prep...a day late...yes I know, but I have a good reason, lol. I didn't go to work yesterday soooooo yeah. Since I had some things to take care of Sunday and Monday I didn't have a ton of time. In such cases, who do you call upon?? Trader Joe's!! Yaaaay.


I didn't feel like making the egg white muffins so instead I broiled the spicy mango chicken sausage in the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I chopped it up into small pieces and added it to a hot pan with some olive oil and diced garlic. After a few minutes I added some of the fire roasted peppers and onions from Trader Joe's (such incredible flavor) and some tomato.

Next I added my greens. I used about 3/4 of a bag of spinach (from Trader Joe's, surprisingly it was only about .30-.40 more than the kind from your local grocer). I also used about half of a bag of kale (not from Trader Joe's, because it was already open). 

And then I added a little red onion--just because I likes it--and let it simmer together until the greens were lightly wilted. You don't want to cook it too much because you'll lose all the nutrients. I chose to let the flavor of the sausage, peppers, onions, and garlic be the seasoning...for the sake of being clean and all. 


For lunch I went with two bags of the shrimp stir fry from Trader Joe's.

I basically followed the cooking instructions and added a few things here and there. I sauteed garlic first, added the shrimp.

Then I added the vegetable from both bags.

I also added one bag of frozen broccoli florets (because broccoli stems are not of God) to stretch it further.

I also added half a bag of frozen artichoke hearts (from Trader Joe's). Not sure why...they just spoke to me when I was in the store lol.

Then I added some chopped red onion, that Asian ginger seasoning I can't get enough of, some gourmet marinade (that's legit what it is called, don't judge me), and a little smoked sea salt. Basically, throw whatever you want all in the pan and let them play together over heat until its cooked. Boom. Quickest meal ever.

After it was all done I decided to add half of a baked chicken breast because I wasn't sure if there was enough shrimp/protein for me.


I baked to packs of my trusty ole' Nature's Promise Chicken legs in the oven (Low key had planned to put them on the grill but we had a down pour of rain) and sauteed some broccoli (florets) with a ginger teriyaki sauce. Somehow I neglected to take pictures of either of these dishes individually but I supposed neither would be all that exciting to look at.


I made my staples, chickenless chicken strips and cilantro chicken wontons, both from Trader Joe's.

What did you meal prep this week? Comment down below. Tag us in  your pics using the hashtag #sundayprepdayfff (doesn't matter which day you prep)!

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