Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Couponing pt 2- Save your money GIRL (or BOY)!

This part of the series will cover how I find my deals and how I decide when to use my coupons.  In order to fully utilize all of my coupons to their full potential, I use all of my online resources.  The MOST important thing that I find in couponing is dedication and loyalty.  You have to be dedicated to couponing and show loyalty to few stores.

I focus most of my couponing efforts at Harris Teeter, Giant, and CVS.  Both of those grocery stores double coupons up to $0.99, and cvs gives cash back in the form of extrabucks.  So I pretty much ONLY do my couponing at these stores unless there is a major sale going on at another store.  Walmart and Target are also good sources but with couponing I can usually get better deals at CVS.


My number one online resource for coupons is thekrazycouponlady.com.  I was first introduced to this site about 5 years ago when the extreme couponing show came out.  Now keep in mind I am NOT an extreme couponer, and nor do I ever intend to be one.  The Krazy Coupon Lady website pretty much breaks down the sales paper for most stores that are worth couponing.  She even tells you where to get the coupons and what coupon insert to find the coupons.

I also use a iheartcvs.com which shows previews of cvs sales paper for a few weeks out, which I find to be the HOLY GRAIL.  This allows me to see if I should save some of my big ticket coupons for a later week.  Also, it allows me to plan out my trips for the upcoming weeks.

what resources do you use for your couponing?

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