Thursday, July 16, 2015

Couponing pt 1- The Real Deal

So lately I have gotten back into the habit of couponing and trying to find the best deals on things that I use normally.  I want to share with you guys what I have learned about couponing.  I am in no where near as good as the Extreme Couponers on TV for many reasons.  The main reason is because I'm a brand snob.  I like what I like and I don't tend to deviate from the brands that I know are good for and to me.  When I say I'm a brand snob I mean for example, I will ONLY use Prego spaghetti sauce if I am going to use jar sauce.  Now will you ever get Prego for $.10 probably not but pairing a good sale and a decent coupon I can get it at a cheaper price than if I just went in the store and bought it on a whim.  So I refuse to bend on certain things.  However, I will buy brands that I normally wouldn't buy if they are free or less than $.50 as a closet filler.  Which is probably the first step to being a hoarder, but I like having extras when people come to my house.  If you ever forget any toiletries, I like to have those on deck for people even if it's not the brand I use or even them for that matter it's still better than having nothing.  Additionally, a brand that I might find as not great for me someone else might love so it works out both ways.

Here are some examples of the things that I have bought in the last few weeks:

For this transaction (receipt on the left), I actually forgot to use a $5 coupon that I had with me so the cashier ended up giving me $5 cash which i applied to my next order (receipt on the right).

 This one may not be that easy to read.  This is from harris teeter during their memorial day sale.  I saved $66 and only spent $21.

I often make better use of my coupons by pairing them with buy one get one free or buy one get one 50% off sales.
 Grocery stores like Harris Teeter, frequently have times where they have super double coupons.  This is when they will double a coupon up to $2 where normally they only double up to $1.

This series will be documented with the steps that I use as an outline:
1.Get the coupons
2. Finding the Best Deals
3. Organize your coupons
4. Plan out your trip
5. Know when to hold'em and when you use'em

In this blog series I will also divulge my resources that I used to coupon and how you can use them as well.


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