Friday, July 25, 2014

Summertime Hair..

My favorite season of the year is the SUMMER.  A lot of wonderful things happen in the summer... My birthday, no snow, concerts, picnics/cookouts, my birthday, roadtrips, beaches, vacation, and MY BIRTHDAY! 
I think the hardest part of the summer for me is deciding what to do with my hair.  Right now my hair is in a transition state or should I say states.  I am currently sporting three different textures: natural, texlaxed, and relaxed.  Trust me it is a struggle handling all three states.  I am always dealing with breakage at the demarcation line of where the textures meet; however, I refuse to do a big chop.  I have transitioned to natural before without a big chop and I am determined to do it again.  Although I am transitioning to natural right now, this is not necessarily a permanent thing.  For now I am just trying to get one texture in my hair, and then I will decide if I want to go back to being relaxed.  So back to the problem at hand….3 textures and summer time humidity.
My current options: braids, wigs, flat iron, and natural state

Here are MY pros and cons for each

Pros:        minimal work for upkeep
                Protective style
Cons:       can cause damage if not proper care isn’t taken
                Hard on edges

Pros:        Easy to wear
                Easy access to my hair
                Protective Style
                Minimal work for upkeep

Cons:       Feels like a winter hat
                Double hair duty (Hair has to be taken care of while maintaining your own hair regimen)

Flat Iron
Pros:        new style
                Length checks
                Smooth cuticles
Quick styling
Quick night time routine

Cons:       Heat damage is a possibility
                Durability is slim due to humidity and workouts

Natural State
Pros:        no heat styles
                Durable in humidity and workouts
                Easy on edges

Cons:       longer night time routine
                Daily maintenance

Does anyone else have any suggestions on what I should do with my hair?

What are you guys doing with your hair this summer?

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